Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox and the planetary ingress of the Sun into the sign of Libra is on September 22/23. Over these days we have equal hours in the day and the night. This means that balance is a core theme of the upcoming season. Expect to feel more aligned with others and ourselves during these upcoming romantic months. 

By Lisa Stardust


You’re a warrior by nature but you’re currently more about love and peace than fighting or arguing with those you care about. Try balance out your own needs to ensure you don’t give all of yourself to another. Give yourself some love too.




You’ve had a challenging few months (astrologically speaking it’s because of Venus' backward spin). This season gives you the opportunity to restart, reboot, and become motivated to take on new opportunities. The question is: Are you ready? And, the answer is a resounding YES! 



It’s time to get creative! This means busting out your drawing board, paint brushes, and colour palate to make new art. Whether it’s for professional endeavours or for pleasure, you’ll be inspired to draw, paint, and bring your passions to light. Embrace your talents, Gemini.



Home is where your heart is this season. All the more reason for you to start making yourself feel more at home in your space. Treat yourself to a few new items to decorate and spruce up your pad as you get into the new season.  



You’re feeling extra chatty and more able to engage with friends. The caveat to your peppiness is that you may accidentally spill the tea or reveal scandalous gossip that some members of your crew wanted to keep secret. Word of advice: think before you speak.



Being able to stand up for yourself takes a lot of guts and confidence. Luckily for you, you’re able to take a stand against others and defend yourself against those who aim to bring you down. They must learn to appreciate, not hate!  



Making your mark on the world is a lifetime challenge, but you’re headed in the right direction. As long as you accept that you need to be a leader, rather than an innovator in your endeavours, you can charge forward and move toward success. 



You’re being introspective and plotting your next moves. Take this time and energy to strategize the upcoming days so you can use them to your advantage and achieve your desires. Then you can make plans for the future and implement your goals into reality. 



Your friendship circle is evolving, giving the opportunity to meet new peeps who will be your besties over time. Embrace the rare chance to connect and engage with others you meet. You will be able to expand your heart - and contact list - this month. 



Work is becoming very chaotic at the moment, but you have the chance to balance out your vibe and to not focus on professional endeavours 24/7. Find your chill spot and lean into self-care. After all, you can’t run the world all day and night.  



Finding a spiritual centre is challenging for most, but not for you. Lean into your higher mind and vibe. This will give you the ultimate chance to attain personal fulfilment and spirituality over the next few months – and also to reach new personal heights.  



Your spidey senses are making you more aware of clandestine situations going on behind your back. Don’t fret, Pisces! The secrets that are being hidden are actually not bad - and beneficial to your future. In fact, you will be super happy when they are revealed.