Our vision is to reinvent how the Zodiac comes to life through a range of gifting products created with sustainability, mindfulness, and considered design, that appeals across the senses.

Our core brand pillars are authenticity, unity, beautiful design, celebration of self and others, sustainability, and giving back to the community. 


Zodiaque Moon astrologer Lisa Stardust brings deep experience and expertise to the brand.  

We have collaborated with local artisans and crafts people to ensure that our products are considered, textured, environmentally friendly, and of superior quality.


Zodiac signs are universal, we are all born with one. Zodiaque Moon celebrates this connection between people, and between gift givers and receivers. We will also continue to build our community (@zodiaquemoon), providing a forum for further connection and collaboration.

Beautiful Design

Our aesthetic tenants are defined by timeless, rich, modern vintage inspired, creatively considered, aspirational and refined design. 

Our palette is centred around a rich dark blue - not only for its reflection of the midnight sky, but for its calming and classic presence. 

Our signature gold foil reflects both sunlight and star light, and provides a touch of the whimsical that we hope comes with receiving a ZM gift. 

Celebration of Self and Others

At Zodiaque Moon we celebrate the many aspects of all the signs across the Zodiac, as well as the four elements into which they fall. We embrace all that connects us as individuals, and a community. And we believe in embracing every opportunity for celebration on both a personal and universal level. 


One of our core principles is being environmentally conscious - we are mindful of sustainable practices across every touchpoint. We have considered the health of the consumer/recipient of our products, as well as that of the planet in each decision we have made, for both products and packaging. 

For our fragranced products we use 100% essential oil blends, and our candles are created with a soy Wax blend. We have avoided commonly used toxic artificial fragrances. 

Our glass jars can be repurposed, and our packaging is biodegradable. 

Paper products are produced from recycled stock.  

Where possible, our products are made locally, supporting the local economy and reducing our carbon footprint.  

Giving Back

Our commitment to the community and giving back is vital to our process.   In addition to being focused on sustainability and environmentally aware, we have partnered with i=Change, so that with each ZM purchase, we donate a dollar to one of three charities, selected by the purchaser: 

(1) End Violence Against Women

(2) Restore The Reef

(3) Rewild Australia