Mercury Signs

Mercury is the planet of communication in astrology. Understanding your Mercury sign or the transiting Mercury signs can help you understand the way you choose to express yourself and handle relationships. Also, how you choose to gather information, deal with confrontation, and connect with the world around you.

By Lisa Stardust


Always one to jump to assumptions and speak with impulsive words, this Mercurial placement isn’t one to shy away from intense conversations. Mercury in Aries is very assertive and direct. It is super confrontational and won’t mince words or back down when conversing with others.


Mercury in Taurus is extremely stubborn in its beliefs. Once Mercury in Taurus makes up their minds about a situation or relationship, it is hard for them to back down from their viewpoint — even if it has been proven wrong. That’s why it’s very bull-headed and inflexible at times.


When chatty Mercury enters its favourite sign Gemini we can expect to hear and see two different sides to a story, as it’s a dualistic sign. Communication will be concise in the air sign and gossip will be plentiful (as Mercury in Gemini likes to spill the tea about matters).


When mercury is in Cancer, it brings a subtler approach to communication. Instead of relying on the words, it is more intuitive. Cancer is a quieter sign, because it belongs to the element of water. As long as they speak from the heart and from a truthful perspective, they will thrive.


Mercury in Leo expresses themselves with passion and flair. The only caveat is that they may be a little too rigid in their beliefs, which can lead to arguments. Words can be boastful, rubbing others the wrong way. Listen to others with sensitivity, compassion, love, and kindness.


When Mercury is in Virgo it manifests in analysis, deciphering and comprehending facts through reason. It also leads to great detective work, uncovering truths through listening and deciphering what’s real and what’s not.


Mercury in Libra likes to keep the peace. Therefore, this placement is very chill, tender, and calm in how they communicate with others. Confrontation is a no-no as Mercury in Libra wants us all to be kind and gentle with the words we use and the ways we express ourselves.


Mercury in Scorpio is known to be a super penetrating and deep communicator. It highlights our desire for growth, intuitive sentiments, and need for secrecy. Also, the desire to bond with others through intense conversations. It teaches us to not look back for too long, keep moving onward and forward ...!


When Mercury is in impetuous Sagittarius, it’s important for them to think before speaking. They risk accidentally saying inappropriate or hurtful words. The reason being is that this placement speaks the truth and uses logic to assess their philosophies.


Mercury in Capricorn tends to be extremely reflective — so much so that it’s known to dwell and ruminate. Oftentimes, this placement will choose to reminisce about the past and make decisions based on the information known to be true. Meaning, it’s easier to believe what’s known versus questionable sentiments.


Mercury in Aquarius takes a neutral perspective and analyses matters from a distance. Being the planet of communication, its easier for them to see people and situations for who or what they truly are from a million miles away.


Mercury’s splash in Pisces boosts our imagination and paranoia. The information we hear and give may not be 100% legit, but it heightens our creativity, imagination, and a time when emotions go wild. It’s a time when deep emotions come to the surface and we can totally mend past wounds.