Scorpio Love October 2022

By Lisa Stardust


You may not get the commitment you were hoping for from your beau, but you’ll get a major promise for the future. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the status of your relationship title. Enjoy the time you both spend together to show them how amazing you are.

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Take a walk on the wild side this month. Allow yourself the opportunity to seek out unconventional romantic activities like rock climbing with your boo. You’ll find yourselves uniting and becoming a joint team during these activities.

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You may have some ups and downs in your love life. As long as you keep your cool and set boundaries, you’ll be able to have fun. However - if pushed by your date due to their endless criticism, you should definitely (as always) stand up for yourself.

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First, your crush will say “yes” to committing. Then, they’ll take you to the awesomest restaurant in town for a candlelight dinner. This is all dependent on you making the first move, so go for it this month.

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All the recent stressors in your life have finally broken you down emotionally. Don’t get too sad, it’s not that dramatic and certainly not anything a spa day won’t fix. Take your boo for a couples massage and bond by relaxing together. It will do the world for both of you.

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While you are gearing up to spend alone with your partner, a friend (who’s having their share of relationship drama) may join you two for cocktails or dinner this month. Your pal’s relationship issues will only make you value and appreciate your S.O. more. And you’ll let your boo know.

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Unfortunately, work may keep you late at the office. Make a plan to hang out around your busy schedule, so that you don’t end up burning the candle on both ends. The two of you will be smooching all night and into the sunset.

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Plan a romantic getaway for two. Even if you don’t go away on the exact date, you’ll have something to look forward to. This trip will bring you and your S.O. closer together than before. You will both feel like this trip revived your relationship.

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Don’t let your financial situation stand in the way of having fun with your other half. You can have a casual evening together with a glass of wine, a home cooked meal, a romcom, and cuddles. You don’t need to go overboard to show you care.

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Your practical head may be dreaming of your S.O. or crush, which will definitely distract you during board meetings and office events. Make sure you focus at work and save the lovely thoughts for after hours – don’t let these distract you from your job.

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You’ve been spending way too much time focusing on yourself. Now, it’s time to open up your heart again. This is the perfect month to show that special someone you care. Take a leap of faith and jump into your crush’s arms. Chances are, they feel the same way.

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A romantic dinner for two, filled with pleasant conversations between you and your boo will bring joy to your heart. It’s been a while since the both of you spent one-on-one time connecting and this month will reignite the passion between you both. Expect to have an amazing time together.

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