Success and Work Life Balance

By Lisa Stardust

It's easy to get caught up in the job, which is why it’s important to create a strong foundation and structure to ensure that we find balance between work and play. Falling back into old patterns is easy, but changing them for the better takes a lot of work. To help achieve this zen, we’ve created a run down with directions on how each Zodiac sign can implement a better work/life balance into their routine.


JSYK: You tend to over schedule yourself, which only works to your detriment. Don’t pile up the appointments one after the other. Better scheduling will help you relax and not be riddled with anxiety throughout the day. Also, remind yourself every day to enjoy life to the fullest (you may just have forgotten how to do that…..)


Artistic souls like you tend to get frustrated and temperamental when creating and developing projects. Instead of just seeing red and lashing out at others, try to decompress by popping in your earbuds and listening to music. This technique will calm you down in seconds, alleviating the inner tensions building within.

Gemini may wanna cut back on the gossip in order to avoid the ramifications of being a pot stirrer, Gem! By not repeating news (which may or may not be true) heard online, by the water cooler, or even on a local walk, you will avoid bringing the drama home to your S.O. Give it a try!


You absorb the energy of those around you, which is why it is important to take a brisk walk, or run to the gym (depending on where you are…..), or take a bath after work to release the toxins that are clinging to you. After that, you’ll be able to live your best life after work with no worries.


Stop being a nosey busy body and competitive with your work peeps. Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing ATM. This will give back time to focus on your absolute favourite person (errr..yourself!). If you don’t care who’s doing what, you’ll free up your energy to focus on yourself even more.


Remember these words “perfectionism doesn’t exist.” Read, speak, and repeat this phrase several times a day to beat your analytical and somewhat obsessive desire to do every project “perfectly.” Once you are able to quit this need, you’ll have extra time in your day to obsess over other (perhaps personal) matters.


You’re probably the only sign who knows a thing or two about balance. But even you can get caught up in the chaos, and not have enough time or flexibility in your day. The answer is simple: set your own hours and timelines to do all the chores and tasks at hand.


Although it may be hard, try not to consume yourself with one task. You do not have to give 100% of your time researching a project — let your mind wander and unwind for a hot sec by taking a breather from work, and focus on other less demanding projects.


Don’t let FOMO stand in your way of giving your all to your job. Even if tempted by your squad to stay online chatting all night, or (depending where you are) to hit the clubs or go to a cool bar for late night drinks, try to resist the urge or don’t stay past your regular bedtime.


Here’s the issue, you’re too hard working and can’t leave the professional stuff in business hours. Try to stop work at a certain hour during the day to ensure equal time to snuggle with your pet or S.O. Don’t agree to overtime and set boundaries with yourself to avoid career burnout.


Making sure you stay active will help alleviate stress and anxiety. Stepping outside of the office for a few minutes or more will energize your mood and spirit. The daily pressures and stressors of work will seem minimal as a result. So, get those legs stretching to counteract your frustrations.


Stop being a martyr! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get a raise, promotion, attention, or affection from your boss. Once you let go of self-doubt, you’ll be able to leave work at the office and chill at home with your fam and boo without feeling guilty.