Perfect Pet For Your Zodiac Sign

Unconditional love, companionship, loyalty - what would we do without our four legged friends? See below for a snapshot of the perfect pets for the different Zodiac signs - as defined by our resident astrologer, Lisa Stardust  

By Lisa Stardust

Aries - Ferret

Like the Zodiac sign Aries, ferrets are high energy, requiring pet-parents to be up for playing and finding inventive ways of entertaining them. Aries’ fiery nature enable them to give this attention. But - be forewarned, ferrets nip when not cared for properly – similar to their Aries parents, who may be hot tempered when in a defensive mood.

Taurus - Turtle

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to Taurus and turtles. T & T are a perfect match, stubbornly moving at their own pace and doing things in their own time. They are both low maintenance and enjoy connecting with the earth. Both need to be handled with TLC and given room to grow, which is why they get along and enjoy great camaraderie.

Gemini - Parrot

It's common knowledge that both parrots and Gemini’s have the gift of the gab – a match made in heaven! As the pet and pet-parent, they can converse and share secrets all day long. The only downside is that both can have big mouths and spill the tea on private matters. Keeping secrets will take a lot of training for both, which is why and how they will bond.

Cancer - Cat

Cancers will love snuggling with their cat at night, and caring for them during the day. The good part about this pet-parent and pet connection is that cats are super intuitive and give Cancers attention when they’re in emotional need – and also leave them alone when they’re not in the hugging mood. Both are moody homebodies, while also liking to be spoiled with lavish gifts and attention.

Leo - Chicken

Leos are known for their dramatic nature - and there is no other pet that can make a scene quite like a chicken. From their morning calls, with ongoing clucking throughout the day, they require a lot of attention — which they receive. Leos relate to this, also demanding a ton of notice from everyone that crosses their paths ... something the chicken can totally understand.

Virgo - Dog

Virgos are chill people who require a pet that is fun loving and kind. They enjoy walking their pup through the neighbourhood for exercise, or while on their errands. In fact, they both find comfort in having the same routines day after day as they both require structure. Plus, Virgo will enjoy showing off their perfect pup to their pals and sharing photos on Instagram.

Libra - Lovebirds

Librans will find their pet soulmate in lovebirds, who are known to require attention and affection at all times. Lovebirds like to be kept in pairs, similar to Librans who find meaning and harmony in partnerships. They aren’t known to be super social pets, similar to Librans who like to keep a tight inner circle and give their all to their intimate relationships – including with their lovebirds.

Scorpio - Snake

Snakes shed their skin frequently, which resonates with Scorpio, a very transformative Zodiac sign. Both are able to evolve and create a new sense of being, which is why they get along so well. Being a snake spiritually represents change; Scorpio will find that having this pet at close hand will be metamorphic towards their personal and spiritual growth.

Sagittarius - Hamster

Both hamsters and Sagittarians live on their own terms and don’t have a set of instructions that come with them. The high energy persona of the hamster is a perfect match for Sagittarians who are fierce, powerful, and always globetrotting. Hamsters enjoy constant movement (running on their wheels, sniffing), so they’ll understand Sagittarians need to move around and exert their high energy.

Capricorn - Rabbit

Like the Zodiac sign Capricorn, rabbits get wiser with age. With the passing of time both Capricorn and rabbits expand their wisdom and knowledge of the world by meditating on their immediate environments. Having a rabbit as a pet will be good for Capricorn, as their quiet natures mesh well together.

Aquarius - Lizard

Lizards and Aquarians are known for enjoying personal contact with others, yet often choose to live aloofly. Both have a tendency to show their emotions when confronted with situations they seek to escape. Neither has a great game face and won’t hide what’s on their minds. Similarly, they do like most people and thrive in groups which is why they jive as pet and pet-parents.

Pisces - Fish

Pisces representation in the Zodiac and mythology as a transformative fish that relies on it’s ability to swim around the ocean is a great alignment for the Piscean pet-parent. Both Pisces and fish are known for their super intuitive approaches to life. They trust their guts and instincts when making decisions in life. They both enjoy their freedom and swim to the beats of their own drums.