Libra New Moon

The New Moon in Libra occurs on September 25/26. Over this time we will be open to discussing our innermost fantasies and desires with people we trust, so to create a healthier dynamic. Secrets will be revealed with hopes to deepen bonds. 

By Lisa Stardust


Talk about your fantasies during this luminary. Don’t shy away from taboo discussions with others during this time. This may even bring you and your S.O. closer together as you become more intimate with each other, and understand what you both lust for in the boudoir. Grrr!

You’re more inclined to satisfy your partner now, instead of being the one solely receiving the perks of pleasure. Reciprocation doesn’t come easy to you, as you can be a selfish lover (sorry, not sorry). However, you’re learning how to be more generous — which is all that truly matters.


Sex has become habitual for you. Meaning, you crave and lust for satisfaction and fulfilment almost every day. This luminary may increase your libido — which means you’ll be having multiple orgasms daily with or without a partner. Be prepared to have another after another after another for 100000% satisfaction. 


Over the past few weeks, you’ve been longing to mix up your sexual repertoire. Finally, a moment of inspiration has come your way, allowing you time to do something self-expressive, fun, and creative for yourself and your lover (think licking whipped cream off each other or painting in the nude). 


Love making should be give and take with your partner. You both need to find a balance between how much you demand from the other in bed. In an ideal world, you should both be striving for the other to climax. Not one more than the other. Strive for that! 


Your crush may not know how to pleasure you (something that has become apparent during your sexy online calls and touch). But, with a little direction, they’ll be able to learn how to satisfy your desires. Just have a little patience while you school them on how to please you. 


Real talk: You have a tendency to be too giving in bed. And, now you’re wanting to be the one who is pleasured and not doing the pleasuring. For once, you are in the mood to be seduced. Take back your power in the bedroom, Libra, for maximum contentment! 


You’re thirsting for some extra attention from your boo — especially between the sheets. Whether or not you’re living together, you’ll want s’more TLC when sexting with bae. The lesson from this Super Full Moon is to not be afraid to ask for more love and pleasure. Speak up! 


It’s time to dive deep into the fantasies that have been brewing beneath the surface or your loins. Embracing your edgier desires will force you to take a look at yourself; therefore, you should only proceed if you’re ready to take notice of your kinkier side. 


You’re known to be a hard worker — both in the boardroom and bedroom. Now it’s time for you to take a step back and to allow your partner to satisfy you. If you’re flying solo, then try pleasuring yourself with a new toy -- sit back and relax! 


While you may be shy in openly addressing your fetishes and posting photos of your passions online for public consumption, you may accidentally post a comment on social media that alludes to your inner desires. Don’t be embarrassed! Be 100% real and you won’t feel judged (why would you anyway?).

This luminary is forcing you to keep an open mind. Don’t get too wrapped up in the mundane and try out fun new sexual positions. Embrace your adventurous side. It’s pushing you to try out new ways to will boost your pleasure centre to the ultimate level.