Mother's Day with Gillian Fox

This mothers day, we are celebrating mothers and carers everywhere. Whether you’re a mom with kids, or a dog mom, or caring for others, we want to acknowledge YOU and all the energy and love you put out there to help your loved ones. We chat with Gillian Fox, founder of two successful businesses Your Brilliant Career and the Gillian Fox Group about what motherhood means to her.

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I'm Gillian Fox, entrepreneur, wife and mum to a fantastic 19-year-old. I own and run two businesses, Your Brilliant Career and the Gillian Fox Group. 

What has been the most rewarding moment in your motherhood/carer journey so far?

Being a parent is humbling because there’s nothing like your kids antics and raw honesty to keep you grounded.

How do you find balance between taking care of yourself and prioritising your children? Any advice?

Running my businesses, Your Brilliant Career and the Gillian Fox Group, is a passion, but it has taken real commitment to building the businesses. My son saw me working every Sunday for a year to write a book, taking off to deliver women’s career programs in other countries, being at my desk late, and all the crazy stuff one does to grow.

Am I regretful of this? Not one bit. It’s great that my son has seen all the madness. It’s reality and so much fun. While he might sometimes think he has a lunatic mother, it is never dull. He will have memories of me excited about my work, and I love that message.

What do you love the most about motherhood?

I love the humour boys bring and the beautiful hugs that come at unexpected times. Being a mum unquestionably feels like my life’s greatest achievement and I think Mother’s Day is that wonderful excuse to pause and celebrate exactly that. To all the mums who love their work and love their kids, even more, happy Mother’s Day. Make it a great one.