Scorpio 2021

By Lisa Stardust


Your heart is burning up (it’s red hot) and yearning to connect with your boo or crush on a deeper level this month.


You’re stepping up your romantic game and giving your all to love, which will bring you closer with your S.O.


All work and no play makes you feel dull. Luckily for you, a special someone is bringing lighthearted fun into your days.


Love is in the air, and you’re game for planning several candlelit romantic interludes at home for you and your boo.


You’d rather be relaxing at home with your lover than anything else. Get cozy and enjoy Autumnal snuggles in bed.


You’re experiencing heavy flirtation with your crush, which is making you blush all day. Enjoy the tender rush that’s coming your way!


Your confidence is growing to new heights, allowing you to ask someone (or a few of them!) who you have feelings for, to join you on a date night.


You’re feeling sexy and vibrant right now, which is making you feel seductive and powerful in your own skin. Ooh-la-la!


A secret crush is letting you know how they feel - a wonderful surprise knowing that they harbor such feelings.


A friendship could blossom into something more, if you’re ready to take the leap forward and evolve together.


You want to make your situationship official now, which means changing your relationship status on social media.


You’re embracing your adventurous spirit, making you seek out relationships that push your mind and spirit to evolve.