Sagittarius 2022

By Lisa Stardust

From November 21st to December 21st, the Sun will be in the sign of fiery Sagittarius. This will introduce adventure and excitement into our lives, and encourage personal growth, with evolving philosophies and mindsets.


At this point, you crave autonomy in all of your relationships. It’s not that you don’t care about or love your partner, but right now you’re focusing on your own needs rather than theirs – and they totally get it and understand. In fact, your SO is 100% on board with you.


Love has the capacity to lift you to great heights - if you’re ready. You’re in the mood to connect on a deeper level with your SO and become more intimate with them. As Zendaya sang, you’re “giving it all to love” over the next few weeks without hesitation.


Exchanging sweet nothings with your crush is making you eager to take your situation to the next level. Before you commit, ask yourself if you’re ready to be in a relationship. You may decide that you want to keep your options open at the moment.


You work super hard and you’re not in the mood to put a lot of effort into your daily vibe. Taking time away from all the things and people that stress you out is essential. Chill out and watch a movie with a glass of wine.


Creativity runs deep within you, which is why you should be making music or crafting your way through the next few weeks. Let the world see your artistry – post your work, and share the magic! Who knows, you could start a side hustle out of this.


Home really is where your heart is during the weeks ahead. It’s important for you to treat your dwelling like a castle and give it some added flair this month. A few more seasonal pillows on the couch will make you feel extra comfy and cozy right now.


Always one to send the first flirtatious text to your special someone, you’re in the mood to be the recipient (instead of the initiator). Life can and will feel like a romantic dream if you both let it. You wouldn’t have it any other way, Libra.


The focus of your energy is on your financial situation. On one hand you want to treat everyone to nice presents this holiday season, but on the other hand you want to save your money. You don’t have to splash out to keep your closest happy – they’ll love you either way.


You’re not being seen for your complete self, which is impacting your self-esteem. Before you act out in an impulsive manner, politely remind your friends and lovers that you have needs too — which aren’t being met by them. Hopefully, they will give you more TLC.


A lack of boundaries with your partner or crush is making you question the joint motives in the relationship. You’re doing what you want, when you want, without thinking about how it will affect them (and vice versa). Create a line that you both won’t cross to ensure longevity together.


You love the light and airy chats your squad, but you’re in no mood to get too deep with them. Before they start anything too deep and philosophical, change the direction of the Zoom sesh to your favourite holiday movie. This will guarantee that the convo stays light and chill.


Work may be challenging now, but you can use the next few weeks to unwind and chill. We’re thinking getting cozy on the couch in sweatpants, and a book. Nesting and relaxing are imperative, to ensure you recharge your batteries and keep the hard work up!