Fears of the Zodiac

By Lisa Stardust

In honour of Halloween, read on to understand what scares each Zodiac sign....


The ram is the first sign of the Zodiac, and much like the first born in a family, insists on exceeding at every task at an extremely fast pace. Much like other fire signs, the ram loves to receive recognition and glory for their superb efforts. Their fears come in the form of being unseen, not being able to keep up with the fiery momentum set forth within their minds, and being surpassed by others.

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Tauruses are artistic souls. As children of their wondrous planetary ruler Venus, the Bull needs to produce beauty birthed from their hands and earth—this comes in the form of art, music, food, poetry, and dance. Tauruses find solace and power in creating art through their imagination. However, when the Bull cannot find inspiration, they are left stifled and feeling stuck. The biggest fear of the Bull comes in the form of being blocked artistically and creativity.

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Fast talking Gemini has a rep for using their silky words to get them out of trouble. However, when the tables are turned it presents an issue for the twins. Being played by another — or beating a Gemini at their own masterful games and tricks scares the twin. Out hustling the hustler is their biggest fear. However, in true Gemini fashion, they will applaud those who manipulated and scorned then.

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The crab is known for craving safety and stability. When their needs are not met, Cancer retreats back into its protective shell. A child of the Moon, they hide their secrets in the darkness — only sharing what they want others to see. Cancers crave security, so unpredictability and exposure will shake the crab to their core. When their secrets and clandestine activities are exposed and put on public display, the crab will shed salty tears and hide away, never trusting those who have wronged them again.

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The lion takes pride in being the best at everything they do — even it means exaggerating the truth to fulfill their egocentric whims. However, what happens when they are caught making mistakes? They roar their heart out, deflecting attention. Being exposed as a fraud, or looking silly can crush the lions ego, causing them heartache as others will see their imposter syndrome shining brightly — which is their biggest fear.

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Virtuous Virgo prides themselves on being fair — which often leads to others taking advantage of them. Having to scream, yell, and argue takes an emotional toll on Virgo, who likes to enjoy the simpler side of life, sans drama. Passionate conversations irk Virgos sense of civility and decorum, as they cannot take over dramatic emotional displays — which is why this is the most overt fear of Virgo.

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Libras love to live the high life — partying and celebrating the joys of life whenever they can. The airy sign prefers the good life over anything else. What happens when the party is over and everyone leaves? This confounds the Libra’s mind and is their deepest fear — being left alone with no one to play with. Libras dread loneliness, causing them much unrest. Libras also dread boredom, which to them is life without constant merriments and festivities.

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Known to grow from heartbreak and pain, transcending agonizing memories into beautiful lessons, Scorpio is the most transformative sign of the Zodiac. Being stuck and unable to move their souls from torment to joy frightens the scorpion. The inability to spread their wings and evolve from pain rattles the transformative sign, because growth is a cathartic journey for Scorpio.

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Variety is the spice of life. Sagittarius, enjoys diversifying their time and having the freedom of choice. When their options are taken away leaving them with limited choices the archer gets a tad phobic. Commitment scares the archer, as Sagittarius likes to run away from fidelity (only committing to one who embraces their freedom). Jealousy also scares the archer, as they hate to be controlled by another.

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Earthy Capricorn is reliable to a fault, which makes others depend on them. When the tables are turned and others expose their flakiness, the sea goat cannot help but run away from those who cannot keep their word.  Unreliability (not following through on tasks and words) scares the trusting and dutiful sea goat.

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The cup bearer falls on the opposite side of the Leo axis, which makes them ego centric like their counter sign. Inadequacy in relationships, work dynamics, and personal development terrorizes the Aquarius mind, as they try to be the best version of themselves everyday. When they fail in achieving success, they are left feeling hurt and spooked.

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The watery sea dweller lives in a constant world of paranoia. Being able to swim away from situations at a moments notice helps Pisces cope with their fantasies (which may or may not be real). When their liberties are taken away from them, rendering them powerless, their biggest fear comes to life. Being confined and imprisoned, chained to toxic situations or people — and not being unable to swim away into the abyss — scares sensitive Pisces.

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