Capricorn Supermoon July 2022

The Supermoon in Capricorn occurs on July 13. At this time, the Moon appears closer and brighter to the Earth, making it appear bigger and brighter. This lunation is extremely energetically potent because it connects with Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto’s presence. The cosmos are asking us to evolve with the times — even though we may not be ready. Change is upon us!

By Lisa Stardust


You’re bringing fresh energy and ideas to your job. Your colleagues are appreciating your amazing and insightful notions. This could very well lead to a promotion, if you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal and step up your professional game at the office.


Studying a new subject and philosophy is helping to expand your mind. This may even push you to understand ideas with a different world-view. Pro tip: study anthropology or history. You will be super into these subjects. The past can help you comprehend the present.


Learning to trust your gut instincts will prove to be challenging, especially since you have such a logical mind. Embracing your intuition and psychic visions will help you to understand the motives of others (both the good and the bad) without having to dig further.


You are debating your feelings with those you care about, as they are putting words in your mouth and defining your sentiments without asking how you feel. You’re absolutely right in letting people know that you are an individual who has their own take on personal matters.


Your mind is turned on 24/7, making you note all the details of every situation. The caveat is that you’re looking for something that may not exist, which is forcing you to be suspicious of anyone you meet. Don’t assume that everyone is acting shady, be more open.


Although you may not be a trickster by nature you’re playing games, finding humour, telling jokes, and being mischievous. Your new behaviour may surprise your crew, but it allows people see the fun side of your personality (which you’re starting to let out).


You’re becoming more rigid in your thoughts and feelings, creating a hesitance to accept new sentiments or beliefs. Try to embrace what others are saying and feel. This will help you connect with new views, rather than staying in your bubble. Listen with the hopes of evolving.


An investigator by nature, you are bent on finding out the truth of all matters — even if it sheds light on situations you didn’t necessarily want to know about. Keep your ears and eyes open. A lot of information and clandestine activities are being exposed to you.


You’re thinking more rationally than ever, helping you consider matters from a clear perspective. Instead of jumping to conclusions and speaking impulsively, you’re making sure that you speak with depth and meaning to avoid arguments with others and to ensure pragmatic thinking.


It’s hard for you to change your vibe. Now more than ever, you’re open to transformation. That’s right, you are stepping out of your bubble and evolving your personality by being open minded. TBH, you’re confusing everyone with your different sentiments and approach to relationships and the world around you.


Instead of speaking your mind, you’re opting to keep your sentiments secret. You aren’t wanting confrontation or drama at the moment. In fact, you’re quite alright with avoiding situations and communications which are unsavoury or those that will leave a bad taste in your mouth.


Acquaintances may come and go, but your true-blue friends will always remain by your side. Instead of trying to hold on to people who haven’t proven their loyalty, let them go and appreciate those who’ve shown you how much they care. Embrace your ride or die besties right now.