Mother's Day With Amanda Levine

This mothers day, we are celebrating mothers and carers everywhere. Whether you’re a mom with kids, or a dog mom, or caring for others, we want to acknowledge YOU and all the energy and love you put out there to help your loved ones. Our Co-Founder, Amanda Levine shares her rewarding moments, what she loves most about motherhood and how to find balance amongst it all. 

Tell us a bit about yourself 

My name is Amanda, I am a Financial Adviser (self-employed) and co-founder of Zodiaque Moon. I am mother to three daughters ages 9, 7 and 5, and three dogs. My Sun is in Capricorn, my Moon is in Cancer and my Rising is in Aquarius.

What has been the most rewarding moment in your motherhood/carer journey so far? 

There are so many rewarding moments and so many unrewarding ones! Often it’s the seemingly little things… how it feels when they embrace you in a full body cuddle and you sense that they are completely relaxed in that moment; watching them sleep; seeing them immersed in an activity and in a state of flow. In those moments I am reminded how perfect they are, just as they are.  

How do you find balance between taking care of yourself and prioritising your children? Any advice?

Balancing self-care with care of others is an ongoing challenge. Glennon Doyle speaks of the “self-less mother” who loses herself because she puts her family’s needs first. Part of my journey is around ensuring that everyone’s needs are met, my own included. This is easy in theory but much harder in practice! I try to find moments for me in every day activities, like listening to a podcast while walking the dogs.

What do you love the most about motherhood?

What I love most about motherhood is that it’s a humbling learning experience. Each child is so different and it’s an ongoing process to try work out how best to raise them to meet their potential. Motherhood has made me rethink just about everything I thought I knew. More than anything, I want my kids to be happy… and part of the journey is learning that their happiness won’t necessarily look like mine.   

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