Venus Signs July 2022

In astrology, we look to the planet Venus to find romantic compatibility. Venus represents love and sexual desire — it’s no wonder it’s been the subject of poems and songs from Shakespeare to Lady Gaga. The beautiful and scorching planet shows us our most intimate pleasures and sentiments in matters of the heart—and how we receive and give love.

Venus also expresses social values (ie: dating). Venus sets the rules for how we court others and want to be pursued by others—when we swipe right and left.  Venus represents our confidence, which is important in taking that first step to ask someone out.

Sensual Venus flirts through the Zodiac, scintillating each Sun sign for 30 days at a time. The hot blooded planet changes frequently, activating new romantic tastes every month—making it important for us to understand what our personal Venus sign – and those of our crush’s – mean when it comes to connecting with desire.

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By Lisa Stardust


Venus in Aries lives to work hard for admiration—often taking on the woes and burdens of the person of their affections. This no B.S. Venus sign will show they care by problem solving your life and ensuring they are the very BEST at everything (especially in the boudoir).


Stubborn, yet friendly, best describes the heart of Taurus. Bulls are known to love a good time and also have a sensual hedonistic side. Their words are seductive. They require 100% unwavering loyalty and consistency, as they do not like drama.


This coquettish Venus sign likes to send flirty texts and pal around with those they care about. Whether or not you’re in the “friend zone” will cause anxiety as Venus in Gemini likes light-hearted relationships. They require a chatty intellectual partner who can keep up.


Comfort and security are two things the tender-hearted crustacean craves. Don’t overshare, as the sentimental crabs would rather split an ice cream sundae than express their feelings. Once their tough shells are cracked, Venus in Cancer acts as the cosmic “ride or die” lover for eternity.


Venus in Leo has a flair for D-R-A-M-A and attention. This fiery Venus sign likes to walk the red carpet, showing off their hot arm candy. The lesser seen side of Venus in Leo is their generous hearts which require being #1 on your speed dial and most photographed on your IG.


Patient and understanding, Venus in Virgo demands honesty and integrity from partnerships. On a bad day, they can get into a tailspin and over analyse relationships, even questioning their own behaviours. This earthy Venus sign likes to discuss emotions openly—contrary to popular belief they don’t judge.


Venus in Libra tends to be a player—never wanting to be single and always keeping an eye out for the next best relationship. When committed, they woo their partners with lavish indulgences. And when they are on the market, they take their dates to the trendiest hot spots.


Venus talks a walk on the wild side when in passionate Scorpio. Emotions intensify, as does the need for total devotion. If you give your heart to Venus in Scorpio, you will fall deep in the rapture. All they want in return is a partner who will evolve with them.


Venus in Sagittarius will only settle with someone equally as adventurous and wild at heart. They want to travel the world with their kindred spirit—even if they are slow to commit. Debating is their foreplay, as they like to challenge societal taboos through banter and exploration in the bedroom.


Rigidity and practicality characterize Venus in Capricorn, a tough love sea-goat. Their hearts are often austere, but they do have a rarely seen sensitive side that requires intimacy and companionship from responsible hardworking partners. They have secret DL fetishes — they work and play hard.


Venus in Aquarius chooses to fill their loving-cups with friendship before giving their rebel hearts away. They dream of conquering and saving the world with their counterpart as a unified team. Venus in the sign of the water-bearer observes others from a distance to make discerning emotional decisions from afar.


Prepare yourself to be swept away on a magical journey full of romance and fantasy, when encountering a Venus in Pisces native. They tend to fall head over heels in a flash. Don’t keep this mystical Venus sign on a tight leash, as they swim away fast from controlling relationships.