Aquarius in Love January 2023

By Lisa Stardust

March 21 - April 19

Welcome to the month of self empowerment Aries! You are no stranger to making things happen according to an aim and the energy available to you right now will have you right at home in your element. So much of what is occurring this week is putting you right in line with your future in love. But you may need to let some past notions rest. Rejuvenation with your partner can come through real assessment of values and distinct goals. If your future includes them, tell them! They would do well to know it and then assess your futures together. Some of you could be tempted to blend income by starting a joint savings account for the home you’re looking to buy or trip you want to invest in. Big news about changes in finances can inspire more fluidity in your relationship. You’re great at jumping in and making shifts. Take stock of all that’s unfolded and take it to task. If this is what you really want, you’ll fight for it and even when the going gets rough you’ll keep your eyes on the end goal. Talk to your person and get them excited. It’s time!

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April 20 - May 20

There’s a lot of WORK in store for you Taurus and you get to choose how you’re going to show up and receive. Some of you will be offered gifts from loved ones that you could hardly imagine while others of you will be bringing strength to already solidified commitments. Appreciation is headed your way. Look at all the attention that you’re receiving right now as a projection into all the great energy that you’ve put out. You deserve this spotlight and you deserve the life you want to lead. One of your defining character traits as a Taurus is how determined you are towards getting the things you really want. The relationship you really want is no different, it just requires you to be inclusionary of the other party involved. Ask your partner to be honest with you about what they would like to experience more from you. This insight can be exactly what your relationship needs to fix any recent missteps or awkward silences that have needed filling and feelings. Single Bulls, your job is rejuvenation of self. Shop until you drop and then take yourself out for a fancy dinner. Get into the spotlight shiny and proud! 

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May 21 - June 20

A love confession could be in the works. The question is, is it coming from you or the one who holds your heart's desire? It’s possible that some truth that has been long hidden can be revealed about the status of a relationship in the distant past or a current relationship that has you ready to put the pedal to the metal and push out. You are the premier communicator of the zodiac, just sit down and talk. If the connection is as strong as you have been guided to believe it to be there will be no problem in exchanging words and feelings with the object of your affection. If single, look at this is the time to build yourself back up so you can spring forward toward flirtation station. You have a lot of solid energy for repurposing or returning to things so be aware that the potential for an ex to show up is definitely possible. The key is to recognize where you are now and where you have been so you can’t get caught up in moving backwards when the energy so clearly wants you to spring forward. Make the best most futuristic choice Gemini. 

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June 21 - July 22

Stereotypes of dwelling on the past be damned this month Cancer! You’re moving forward exactly towards what you want with who you want. If you’ve been questioning your attraction to a partner as of late then you’ll need to be honest about this with yourself. It could be a revelation of beauty and possibility erases all prior plans in order to make a path for even bigger dreams than you could have previously imagined. Some of you may get asked to be more official or to create a goal within a standing relationship that makes you two even more official. So, if there’s a date night coming up, look your absolute best just in case! Maybe a mutual tropical goal is the offering, a big move together or realignment with mutually beneficial partner goals. Single crabs are thinking about what they seek out if commitments of all kinds. Start with yourself. It’s ok if you’re not looking for what your type is. You’re allowed to shift your preferences to align with the growth you’ve experienced over the course of your life. Set some intentions for who your mystery is in your life and call them towards you. You got this! 

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July 23 - August 22

You’re ready to bring your partner into your inner life more and they’re ready to show up. Think about how you can manage your individual schedules to be more inclusionary of one another’s schedule. Maybe you can trade off cooking, or join each other at hot yoga to strengthen your connection in the mundane experiences that daily life has to offer. Are you thinking of seriously building a life with this person? How does that measure up with the life you’re building for yourself? You could be focused on the seriousness that would be required to move this partnership into a renewed sense of commitment. Fears that you have can be validated through honest communication between you and your partner. If you’re wondering where your next is coming from this is a good time to analyse your needs and goals individually to find if there is a suitable partner who may act as support for you through the life you seek for yourself. Those of you who are single should be focusing on where you spend your time to meet this ideal mate. Set the tone for your next love. There’s plenty of space for you, your goals and love to coexist. 

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August 23 - September 22

Passion to grow together is at the foundation of flowing romantic relationships. Sit down with your lover and make a game plan to invite more fun into your relationship. What do you need to feel more fulfilled? It's ok to admit that you’re feeling stagnant in a partnership. These don’t have to be daunting questions especially when explored with another. As you change, so does your relationships, so you need to keep it as fresh as possible. Consider how you may reintroduce fun and spontaneity into your relationship. Love is all the things you decide you want it to be. Lone Virgos can find this a wonderful time for getting back out there and going on dates. If you’re not ready for a dating site or speed dating in your area check out other ways to meet people with your interests in a more natural way. If you’ve always wanted to take the abstract painting course or had interest in floral arrangement and maybe so does your love interest. You’re going to have to explore to get the love you want. Being bold is rewarding for you this time around. Believe it.

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September 23 - October 22

You’re thinking about yourself a lot right now and this could signal the end of a partnership as a result. Sometimes we run our course with the others in our life and it’s not anyone’s fault at all just what’s needed to restore balance on our path. As the sign of balance you can see the importance of needing to take time to step into your own energy. It’s also easy for you to get over involved with other people so a break even if coupled could help sort out any co-dependency that may have developed. You’re a sovereign being Libra! This ending or separation makes the beginning of a new adventure. Think projects that enhance your life, body and creativity. The perfect new start. Libra singles can also find themselves in a state of ending. This pertains to the fears they may have about partnering with another person due to the past. Your past informs you, it doesn’t define you. Now that you’ve come to know all you know where will you allow this truth to guide you towards? Fear isn’t what you want Libra.

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October 23 - November 21

Speak up Scorpio! The energy this month wants you to say it with your full chest and if you don’t make it a plan you’re likely to suffer from word vomit. You’re no stranger to being blunt when you’ve analysed something enough but if these are people you love and want to grow with it may be a better idea to tread lightly in the way you start the conversation. If you want more, ask and make sure to engage in an open dialogue so your partner feels heard as well.  You could get information you really need to hear which encourages your personal growth. The conversation could speak up a game plan on more fun and sensual ways to connect with your partner. Alternatively, singles could benefit at working some personal glamour magic. This is a good time for a shift in your style with new clothes or a new haircut to match the level of fly that you’re feeling. This adds that extra pep in your step to step out and be seen and appreciate me for the star that you are. Perfect if you’ve been feeling a tad cooped up and homely. It’s a brand new day!

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November 22 - December 21

The theme this period is all about you. You’re shifting gears in your inner life and it’s having outward results. This is a good thing for you but could create challenges in partnership. Now remember, challenging circumstances are a reality of relationships but the key here is to use the challenges being presented as a way to strengthen the foundation of your partnership. Redefining the way we have related in the past with how we want to be related to in the present is a normal part of life. Going inward will reward this partnership. What do you want to be valued for in love? Thorough examination of your values may make your realized you’ve misconstrued your own needs and this, can signal a period to end the cycle and push into a brand new you. The more you know, the more you grow and everyone who comes in contact with you is rewarded by your earnest efforts. This is your revival period and you get to pilot it however you like. Look to the past for more awareness of the future you seek to experience whether partnered or alone. It’s your heart to hold whatever you desire. 

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December 22 - January 19

A signal for love arrives this month and it feels good to answer the call! Spend a moment moving away from what it is that you usually do and hop out into a lovers adventure. This period screams quick getaway so book the flight, hop on the plane and get out of here. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised by what it is you learn and experience by doing something random and idealistic especially with your boo. Some of the more adventurous couples may want to go on a spiritual retreat while others may seek out a ziplining experience. If single, this is a great time to spend time engaging with your passions and even setting goals for new potential partnerships and the passions they ignite. Don’t know where to start? Go back to your roots and maybe tap the shoulder of your inner child to get your creative juices flowing. Doing the work is rewarding. You can enjoy the kind of partnership you want but, it’s got to come to the right self definition first. Get all your interests listed and start checking off boxes based on who you meet. This is exciting and inspiring. It’s your call Capricorn. 

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January 20 - February 18

You're opening up a new cycle of love this month with partners. Values, respect, admiration and attachment are themes that are holding your attention at this time and there’s no reason to doubt. In fact, let this be a signal for you to go as far as you need to go for a partnership to be healthy and equally reciprocal. Focus on how to be good to yourself so the energy rebounds most beneficially for you and your partnership. You may be led to spend more time deepening your connection with your partner on an internal level. Going deep rewards your partnership by fostering more understanding and brings about extra reasons to fall more deeply in love. This new level of inner depth is also beneficial for single Aquarian’s. Healing opens you up to new cycles of being that then creates new spaces for you to grow into in a more healed fashion. Although you’re a communicative air sign you don’t always share as willingly as you should. You choose people wisely and carefully and in choosing them you know how to share with them. Get over yourself and get into your needs.

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February 19 - March 20

The focus is very much on you this month and you’ve got some choices to make. The way that you communicate with your partner could be changing. Although this might bring some challenges to the forefront, it doesn’t mean all is lost. Perhaps you need just a little bit of space to tune yourself to this new way of thinking before you attempt to explain the shift to a partner. Someone who truly loves you will see your growth not as a reason to be intimate but to be more comfortable with the person you are evolving into being. With this revival in mindfulness, it’s likely your goals and aspirations for the partnership have changed as well so you’re in a great time for a partner to sit down about plans for the future. Single Pisces are in a space where they know they’re ready to move forward, they just feel a lack of clarity regarding where they’re going. You’re already halfway there realizing where you’re ready to move away from. At the least, you can start with your own aspirations and goals and see if a partner fits into it. You’re putting the pieces together to swim up shore Pisces.

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