The Winter Solstice June 2022

The Winter Solstice occurs on June 21 in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s the shortest day of the year and the start of Cancer Season. During this time we can set our new seasonal goals into motion and achieve success.

By Lisa Stardust


With the Solstice occurring a few days before the solar eclipse, it’s wise to use this time to start making career moves. Let your boss know that you’re due for a promotion and that you’re willing to do all the hard work that comes your way.


Wanderlust and in need of a new adventure? Use your personal days for a vacay - solo or with your best buds, to get your head out of the clouds. Not only will you see the world, but you’ll have major thrills and chills on your trip while exploring new cities.


It’s time to get your finances in order, babe! Make sure you are not overspending by creating a budget for shopping. Be sure to keep the tags on items you are unsure about and save your receipts in case you need to return them down the road.


Love hasn’t come easy these past months. But this Solstice will warm your heart with some bedside hot chocolate and cuddling for two. You won’t need to turn your heater on, your boo will heat up the room enough for both of you to avoid the chill outside.


You’ve been putting your nose to the grindstone trying to get all of your projects completed before the winter holidays. Don’t wait to have fun! Choose to be present and live in the moment. Take the night off from burning the midnight oil to celebrate with your friends.


It’s time you took note of whether or not you and bae have been naughty or nice — if only to tease your boo with light hearted flirting during the Solstice. Hey, maybe they’ve been a tad naughtier than you and need a little reminding of who’s the boss!


You’ve worked super hard and need a staycation to recuperate from all the intense hours at the office. Hit the spa with your squad for some R & R filled with all the scintillating gossip you could ever want. Do you, b! After all, you certainly deserve it!


Tired of the mundane? Have an undiagnosed case of the blah’s? If so, don’t worry! A local trip out of town with your friends will get you back on track. You’ll be happy to escape the same old day-to-day activities.


Put your best foot forward and impress your boss with your dedication. Email them a list of all the things you’ve accomplished and helped with - and ask for a raise. If you impress them with your efforts, they won’t be able to resist your request.


It’s time to upgrade your vibe. You’re in desperate need of an energetic facelift and the Solstice is the perfect time to jumpstart your life (for the better). Evolve your mind, heart, and spirit to create the personal world you desire. You can control and change your destiny.


All of the winter holiday excitement may take a toll on your sanity. Give yourself a moment to catch your breath. You’re not the energizer bunny — you need time to rest and reset. Don’t overdo it. Take a hot minute to unwind between events.


Call your high school friends to get together. Be sure to hit up all the old hangouts and share tales of your adult lives. You’ll have a million laughs strolling down memory lane and discussing present day stories. If only these sentimental moments could last...