Venus Retrograde December 2021

By Lisa Stardust

Venus, planet of love, sex, and relationships, starts its retrograde journey on December 19 and lasts until January 29, 2022 in Capricorn. As Venus moonwalks in the sign of the sea-goat, we’ll reflect on past relationships, focus in on physical passion, and connect with our truest heartfelt desires. There may even be healing and forgiving of past transgressions in the process.


Unfortunately, you may hear unfavourable gossip about your current crush during Venus’ backspin. Don’t panic! 99.9999% of what you hear is false. Before you confront them, make sure you’re getting the straight up facts. Once you know the whole story, you’ll have a laugh.


It’s time to get your confidence back, or at least try to. Create an online profile to suss out whose available. If you’re committed, you may want to make it a point to have some “you” time to focus on your needs right now.


Although you may be tempted to hit up a former crush for a romantic interlude, try refrain from doing so. Use this retrograde as a moment to reflect on how you can improve your relationships, instead of jumping right back into one.


Have you been dreaming of an old lover? Well, if you have then you may want to connect with them during the Venusian moonwalk. Checking in with them after not talking for all this time will be healing and cathartic.


A friend has the potential to be more. Be careful before you make a move and bite into that forbidden fruit. Understand that this flirtation will never become more than friends vibing; your friend may well be in a situationship of their own.


Although you’ve been pushing for your relationship to get to the next level, you’re suddenly having cold feet. Hit pause on your partnership and take space from your S.O. to figure out what you want. Allow yourself time to decide if you want to give your all to someone now.


Experimenting with new positions will bring you more pleasure than you ever expected. If you’re getting down with a partner, speak up about your fantasies. Don’t hold back! If you’re going solo, then perhaps a fun new toy will spice things up!


Control is a major problem in your partnership. Instead of arguing about who’s the boss in your relationship, see if you can change the dynamic in the bedroom! Take turns swapping roles, and seeing what flies. This will bring you closer than ever before.


A former flame will swing back your way. After a few friendly convos, you’ll want to engage in casual flirting. They have a few new tricks up their sleeves, so you won’t be sexting in familiar waters. In fact, you will be more attracted to them than before.


Sex is on your mind more than usual, as it’s your time to relax. Your work hard, play hard sentiments are making you want to treat yourself to pleasure before you start your work day (or during your lunch hour if you’re working from home).


You’re not a shower yourself, but that doesn’t mean you're adverse to watching your crush in action! Nothing will bring you more happiness than enjoying the moment – and bring you equal satisfaction along the way!


You’re in the mood to get back to basics. That means ditching the role playing in exchange for going back to the basics. After all, you want to keep things as simple as possible at the moment before you get swept up in another journey of naughty decadence (sounds fun!)