The Scorpio New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

By Lisa Stardust

The Scorpio New Moon takes place on October 25. This is a time of fresh starts, new beginnings, and emotional awakenings. It will grant us personal or professional success and bring our passions to life - if we are ready to embrace our truest and most realistic dreams.


Connecting with your S.O. will be hard to do, mostly because you will have to give up a little bit of your sparkiness to get along. Don’t be afraid to show your softer side to your one and only. Although they love your fiery vibe, they’ll find your gentleness endearing.

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Temptation may strike, but you are 100% committed to your one and only. Nothing can stand in the way of the love you share. Let them know how you feel. This will bring you closer, something you desire. Give your all to love.

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You may be feeling a little burnt out at the moment. All the more reason for you to take a break from life and recharge your batteries with some much needed R & R. Use this moment to decompress, chill, and relax. Don’t overwork, overstress, or overthink during this luminary.

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Your lesser seen passionate nature is burning a path in your heart — even making you feel a tad jealous of another relationship in your S.O.’s life. This won’t push them away, but it will allow your boo to know that you care a lot for them and want to commit.

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All of your fundamental beliefs are evolving, pushing you towards having a change of heart on a situation or relationship. Keep your mind open and try to understand the perspectives of others. This will allow you to find clarity within, personal transformation, and peace of mind during the New Moon.

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Your energy has been at a low for the past few months. Now, you’re getting your vibe back with gusto. You’ll be busy, but able to take on all of the tasks at hand without feeling tired. Just don’t burn the candle at both ends to avoid burnout again.

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It’s time to get your finances in order, Libra. No matter how much you want to overspend and treat yourself, try to make purchases within your budget or resist the urge to burn through your cash. Only spend a certain amount of money if you must.

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This New Moon is an ideal time to show the world how much you have grown and evolved. Your friends, colleagues, and family will be super keen on finding out all the ways in which you have become the greatest version of yourself. TBH, you will become their new guru.

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Take time for yourself now. Stop posting selfies on social media and log off for the day. Meditate on your thoughts and focus your energy on being good to yourself. This will elevate your senses — and your heart and mind. No stress, no duress.

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It’s been a long time since you’ve hung out with your friends. And you miss them terribly. Organize a Zoom sesh or get together in the park to reconnect. You’ll feel a lot better having seen your squad. It will reset and refresh your vibe.

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A new opportunity is coming your way at work. Be open to all of the possibilities that your career is offering you now. Move towards professional success during the New Moon and don’t look back. Remember, you have earned this promotion and deserve it because of all your hard efforts.

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You’re seeking newness at the moment. Meaning, you are yearning for adventure and excitement. While it may be hard to go on a vacation at the moment, you may find all the thrills and drama you need by taking a local road trip. It’ll prove to be fun and exhilarating.

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