Scorpio Season 2022

By Lisa Stardust


You are craving more intimacy with your friends and S.O, but may also feel as though you are overstepping boundaries by wanting way more attention than they are willing to give. Don't beat yourself up right now. Have patience with all of your relationships to connect deeper.

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Relationships are all consuming, as a result of all the “tests” your partnerships will be going through. Throw away the need for drama this week. Try compromise to find an equilibrium in which you both can find space to work through issues together.

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Anyone who thinks and speaks faster than you should be applauded. But don’t be intimidated just because they’re quick and confident: it doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. You are moving at just the right speed. Don’t change a thing. Grow and blossom at your own pace.

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Creativity is in the air! Start a new DIY craft (like knitting, painting, or gardening) to actively engage your artistic vibe and to keep your mind active. After a few weeks of crafting and seeing your innate talent, you may decide to keep your expressive activities going throughout the year.

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Work has been in flux over the past few weeks. Now, you finally have a moment to decompress and chill. Go with the flow this week and don’t stress over your professional future right now. Try to be present and live freely in the moment. Enjoy the power of “now.”

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You’re thirsting for adventure - or a new crush. Day-to-day tasks and conversations may become mundane or boring (for lack of a better word) throughout the week. However, you have the opportunity to seek out new relationships online or reconnect with old pals who will excite both your heart and mind.

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Setting limits with others is always challenging, especially for you because you don’t like conflict. Once you draw a line and implement a boundary within your personal relationships you’ll find that you have the power to create the structure you want. This means saying “no” to 50% of demands from others.

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It’s been a long journey towards personal evolution. There have been plenty of twists along the road to self-discovery. What you’re finally realizing, is that nothing can delight or excite you — except for what you create for yourself. Start manifesting your dreams in order to create your own reality.

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It’s time you started taking stock of who and what is most important to you. This will enable you to focus your energies into relationships and projects that matter, rather than worrying about unimportant situations that you aren’t 100% dedicated to. Give all of your attention to what you love!

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Lend some of your free time to a humanitarian project that speaks to you. Not only will your heart feel satisfied from helping others, but you will make a difference in the world. Every little bit of help counts now and can bring change to others. Share the love!

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They say “home is where the heart is” and that’s where your current sentiments lie. But you’re finding it hard to align your spiritual interests with your home life (because of the distractions). Take a few moments out of your day and practice your downward dog between Zoom calls.

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Implement a new task into your routine that can serve as a source of inspiration for your day. Even adding flowers to your WFH desk or setting a daily mantra will allow you to reach peak creativity and maintain an upbeat attitude. Say “hello” to positive vibes!

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