Leo Season July 2022

July 22nd marks the beginning of Leo season. When the Sun enters its favourite sign, Leo, we can expect sparks and creativity to fly. This passionate and fiery sign urges us to move towards what we love the most and to put ourselves first — no matter what — even if it means adding a little drama to our lives to make things more exciting. The fearless lion embraces life and leans into all it has to offer.

By Lisa Stardust


You’re rightfully overprotective of your heart and your feelings. You often wear your heart on your sleeve and get burned easily. You’re learning that it’s important to take it slow this time before opening your heart up to someone new. Get to know them first.


Your romantic and playful heart is now showing.  Use this fiery energy to assert your desires and passions into the world. And, woo your latest crush. As long as you use your flashy charm to connect with your boo, you won’t be lonely for too long — or even at all!


You can help mend fences between two friends who are not seeing eye to eye if you assert your diplomatic skills into the dialogue they’re having. They’ll make up after you help them connect and apologize. You truly are an amazing friend (as you very well know).


You now prefer a straightforward approach when it comes to love. All the more reason why you’ll ditch your former coyish and cheeky ways of asserting yourself. Being 100% real is of the utmost importance to you now. Make sure your crush is being authentic too.


You’re now able to charm your way out of arguments and able to foster diplomacy amongst your peers. Rather than roaring back to those who openly disagree with your views, you’re softly whispering your feelings to them in an effort to keep the peace and to avoid conflicts.


Don’t hide your love away, Virgo. Although you want to shy away from big expressions of love, it’s time that you step up and let that special someone know how you feel. Chances are that they totally feel the same way about you. Don’t stand in your own romantic way.


Your friends are your support system, as they are never going to let you down in times of need. Now it’s time to pay it forward to them and be by their side. Give them lots of love and attention in exchange for all the affection they’ve given to you.


It’s time to boss up and ask for a raise at work. Don’t be shy in putting a price tag on your efforts and hard labour. Be sure to ask for what you’re worth. You deserve to earn all your weight in gold — and then some. Get paid!


This is the ideal time to invest your money in a new project. Luck is on your side at the moment. You will be able to make a lucrative financial return on an endeavour that will boost your bank account. You will find yourself in a better financial situation soon.


Take stock of your debts and start paying them off. The sooner you can control your finances and make payment plans, the better you’ll feel. Living debt free may take some time, but you’ll be able to make arrangements to clear your back taxes, credit card bills, and money owed.


Your mind and heart are focusing on love. The caveat is that you are trying to find the right balance between giving your all and staying autonomous. Don’t give too much of yourself to your new relationship. Keep your freedom intact. Do your own thing a few times a week.


It’s always hard to get organized; however, what you’re learning now is that the more things are in order, the better and easier they will be down the road. When you have order in your life, you’ll feel more balanced and centred. Life’s easier when everything is in its place.