Leo Moon on February 16 2022

By Lisa Stardust

The Leo Full Moon occurs on February 16 at 11:56 AM ET. This is a wonderful time to embrace creativity, love, as well as our flair for drama. Putting ourselves first is important during this seminary, especially since it focuses on our need to take control in our lives.


It’s time to get creative about new and inventive ways to make money. Maybe try bringing your side hustle to light and start working on how to make it a full-time reality. You will be happy to see how much your squad and family support your exciting creative endeavour.


Take on a project in your home that’s been weighing on you for the past few weeks — like building a home office. If you put some elbow grease into fixing up your personal space, you will be able to create an ideal work area in your own home.


Your colleagues may be spreading rumours about you — but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The news that they’re sharing is positive. In fact, they’re commending your amazing work ethic and giving rave reviews behind your back. Embrace the favourable goss, Gemmy!


It’s a great time to manifest money and grow your wealth. Clear your mind and detach from the anxieties that are creating blockages with your finances. Once you unblock the energetic frustrations of your current finances, you will be able to attract more money.


Stop letting life happen to you. Take charge. Boss up, Leo! Flex your tenacious spirit and use your fiery energy to achieve your goals. Assert and acknowledge your power to achieve your dreams…and beyond. Become the superstar and super boss you were born to be.


Connect with an inner dream you’ve been carrying in your subconscious for quite some time. Embracing your personal goals during this magical luminary will allow you to create the world and life you want. This allows you to live and honour your truth no matter what.


Revamp your LinkedIn account and connect with former colleagues who will be able to help you elevate your professional status. You may even meet a few new peeps who are masters in your field and willing to give you a leg up. Network to help make positive career moves.


There is a promising new opportunity at work and you’re the best person for the job. Before accepting the title, promotion, or raise make sure that you’re up for the task and want your career to move towards this new professional direction. Do what feels right for you, Scorpio.


A higher-minded endeavour, like yoga or meditation, will allow you to decompress from all of the daily pressures you’re under — especially recent stresses at work. Seek a routine that works for you to help you calm your mind and heart in an effort to find a calm place.


Now is the perfect time to dig into your bills to try make a few payments. If you put your best foot forward, you can make a dent in your looming credit card bills. You will feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


It’s time to partner up with a friend and start a company or pet project together. Trust your gut and create greatness with your bestie. The only caveat is to create clear boundaries and duties to ensure there’s no confusion or drama down the road.


Your social life at work is going to improve — from happy hour Zoom sessions to socially distanced walks together. Relationships can transform during this luminary, move towards growth for a happy work life with your co-workers (who’ll support you no matter what).