Mother's Day with Bianca Kangisser

This mothers day, we are celebrating mothers and carers everywhere. Whether you’re a mom with kids, or a dog mom, or caring for others, we want to acknowledge YOU and all the energy and love you put out there to help your loved ones. We chat with Bianca Kangisser, founder and director of Bianc, Zahar, Studio B about her journey navigating motherhood & what she loves most. 

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I am the founder and director of Bianc, my first baby which I established just over ten years ago. Since growing my jewellery brand, I have now introduced a sister brand, Zahar and a gift store named Studio B.

My little girl, Isla was born on the 24th of Feb 2022. We share a Pisces star sign. I have warned my husband to watch out of our emotional ways, but also to love our kind and creative spirit.

What has been the most rewarding moment in your motherhood/carer journey so far? 

Although I haven’t been a mum for long, the day Isla smiled at me for the first time, everything changed. It was like all the hard work and sleepless nights from the weeks prior had paid off - it was a moment I’ll never forget. 

How do you find balance between taking care of yourself and prioritising your children? Any advice?

The first 6 weeks is complete and total dedication. I gave up 100% of myself and my work, but I was so grateful to be doing so every time I looked at this perfect little girl. Now, a few weeks later I have begun restoring balance into my life as a working mum. With every compromise and sacrifice I make that takes me away from spending time with her, I try to remind myself that everything I am doing is for her and her future. It isn’t easy finding that balance, and I’m still finding my feet as a new mum. I am so fortunate to have such an incredible network around me. It really does take a village!

What do you love the most about motherhood?

There are so many reasons to love motherhood, and what I find really exciting is that it’s only the beginning for me and I still have so much to experience and learn. What I’m loving most is the overwhelming sense of love I feel, not only when I look down at our beautiful baby, but also seeing my husband become a father - and my parents and his parents welcome their first granddaughter. I also just love seeing Isla start to form a little personality. She keeps us laughing and she’s just the most special gift we could have asked for. I can’t wait to shower her in Bianc jewels!

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