Family Relationships by Zodiac Sign

We can't live with them, and we can't live without them! Family - biological or chosen - are so integral to our daily lives. ZM's resident astrologer Lisa Stardust provides her point of view to these relationships and dynamics - as defined by her reading of the stars.

By Lisa Stardust


You’re known to be the best at everything, which includes the way you relate to your family. You’ll embrace their dreams and push them to be better than you in every capacity (which brings you joy). But be wary - bragging about their accomplishments can create friction between you and others.


You’re the type of parent who needs ongoing communication between you and your family to feel in control. You want them to check in constantly to let you know they’re ok. Any lack of correspondence between you makes your head spin.


You consider your family as some of your best friends. In fact, you’ll be known as the “cool family member” who isn’t super strict with the rules or in keeping up appearances. You also maintain a close relationship with your siblings and parents, and make sure you’re “in the know” with all the family gossip.


You can be a little overbearing at times, mostly because you’ve wanted to be a parent since you were a child. All the prep work has paid off and you’re extra attentive. Are you too protective of your children and family? Yes. But you’ll learn to be less so with time.


You are known to be fun, loyal, and kind to your brood. The caveat is that you sometimes make their problems about you and their needs get lost. You can change, with a little faith in yourself. Try not to steal anyone’s thunder and be present, as well as less dramatic about their problems (when they have them).


You can be an authoritarian and disciplinarian at times. However, you are also a very patient and understanding family member. Don’t have knee jerk reactions to shocking news from the fam; rather try listen with an open heart. That will help you problem solve together and bond on a deeper level.


You love to share the goss with your family and their friends. In fact, you are always in “the know” when it comes to their latest crushes, setbacks, and wins. This helps you to have open conversations with your brood, which will draw you all closer over time.


You’re very in tune and sensitive to your family’s needs. You also encourage their creativity, whatever form it takes – even allowing your cousins and kids to draw on the walls and create art out of their food — as long as they’re using their creativity as a form of self-expression.


You are 2 parts giving and 1 part domineering when it comes to how you relate to your family. You want them to be independent, which means pushing them to spread their wings and venture outside their comfort zones — even if they aren’t ready. Learn to listen to their needs more.


You are 100% in love with your family. You give your all to being an active member of your brood, and it shows. Your family can do no wrong, even when they are acting out. Setting limits and boundaries can be hard for you, as you want to encourage their creativity to blossom without rules.


You have an innate interest in your family’s lives and listen closely to the deets they share. You connect and talk almost every day - about everything from dating, recipes, work, and TV shows. In fact, you’ll even call each other best friends, as you share a unique vibe with them.


You’re the ultimate nurturer and are always there for your family. Your emotions are based on theirs, which means that you’re only in a good mood when they are, and you worry when they’re down or upset. You believe that a parent should be as happy as your least happy family member.