Mars Retrograde October 2022

By Lisa Stardust

Action planet Mars starts its backwards journey on October 30 in Gemini. This means that until January 16, 2023 (when the retrograde journey ends), we can expect to feel as though projects are stalled and our energy is stagnant. Frustrations will be high during this time period. However, focusing the energy on implementing change in our individual worlds will help us evolve and get through the intense months ahead.


Your mind and brain may be foggy, but you are finding that your intuition is right on point. Listen to your gut feelings to find out what’s coming your way. You may find that your psychic sentiments are leading you towards clarity and decision making.

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There’s a tendency to be extra passive aggressive now and to not assert yourself to others. Before drifting off into your own world and living in your unexpressed feelings, let people know what your exact boundaries are to avoid inner turmoil and conflict with others.

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It may be hard to get things started and completed during this period, as situations and relationships are slowing down and taking longer to come to fruition. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to achieve everything at once. Slow and steady wins the race.

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You tend to overwork yourself and burn the candle at both ends. Remember that life is one big balancing act and that you have to learn how to find your inner strength to ensure that you don’t overextend or push your energy to the max.

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Oftentimes, you can get wrapped up in your own life and forget to check in with your friends. This can make them feel as if you’re not giving them enough TLC. Reconnect with your crew and give them extra attention and affection.

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There may be a ton of drama at the workplace, most of it stemming from colleagues. If you can’t work through these annoyances and frustrations, then take time to chill before you deal with your colleague to avoid more arguments from manifesting at this time.

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Learning to take the good along with the bad will be extremely frustrating to you. However, it’s important for you to realize that life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. The more you embrace both sentiments, the better your passions will temper in the upcoming months.

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Old debts will resurface during the next months. Before you rush to pay them off, you may find that you’re able to negotiate a lower rate or amount. You may find that re-evaluating your finances will help you get a better deal in the end.

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Power struggles and confrontations can consume your one-on-one relationships during this time. As a result, you’ll meet your pals and romantic interests with a ton of frustrations and annoyances. Be open to working through issues cooperatively as they come up in order to resolve them.

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Stop putting pressure on yourself to complete all of your tasks, errands, and duties at once. You won’t be able to do everything in the time you need to. Make a schedule to ensure you complete all of your goals. This will help you immensely.

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Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversify your investments and interests. By doing this you can ensure that you win in some way or another. Be wise and smart with the financial and romantic gambles you take, rather than risking it all.

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Your energy may be a tad lower than usual. That’s totally fine. Take time out of your busy schedule to rest and relax over the next few months. Don’t overstress and overwork yourself. Embrace chillness and rest your lovely vibes. Have some necessary “you” time.

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