Libra Full Moon

By Lisa Stardust



Your need to be the top ram in the office is driving you towards unscrupulous actions to get a promotion. You’ll get the position because you’re qualified, not because you chose to compete with a colleague. If you’re tempted to act with a low vibe, remember that it’s not your style. Take the high road on the path to success. It’ll make all the difference.

Your part time hustle is proving to be very financially lucrative. You may want to step it up and take your gig to the next level under this luminary. That means committing to a new business plan and partnership, which will elevate your professional status. With your determination at a high, you’ll be able to flourish without a hitch. You got this, Taurus!


It’s time you got your finances under control. This means paying overdue credit card bills and loans. If you can’t make the payments on time, you will be given a rare opportunity to come to an arrangement with the organisations, without receiving a penalty.
Just don’t avoid dealing with these financial issues to avoid late fees. If you take the lead, they’ll work with you.


Wake up and smell the coffee, Cancer! Lately, you’ve been spending so much of your time focusing on your interpersonal relationships and affairs of the heart—that you’ve forgotten about your obligations at the office. This luminary forces you to step up your “A Game” at work and to show your boss that you will no longer let your personal life interfere with your professional duties.


You may be getting side-eye looks from a colleague during meetings. It’s now time to show off your talents to avoid these unnecessary looks. They will be surprised by your intelligence and business savvy, which will make your co-worker regret doubting your abilities in the first place. Under this luminary, you have the cosmic right to express your professional accomplishments and abilities.



Creative projects have been the source of anxiety during the days leading up to the Full Moon.
However, you will be cosmically pushed to get out of your funk and find inspiration from outside sources. You’ll be able to boost your artistry and inventiveness. You’re opening up your wings and evolving your visions into an enterprise, all of which will ignite the spark within to shine.



Freelancing is a never ending roller coaster ride, as you never know where your next job will come from. Take control of your professional destiny and pitch your ideas to the companies you work with. Plan accordingly and strategically. You’ll be shocked by how many responses you receive. Your professional prowess is on fire - relish in the joy of your triumphs and fortune.



It’s never too late to change your perspective. No one knows the power of transformation more than you. Under the Full Moon, you’ll be able to see your financial windfalls and challenges clearly and strive to make a decisive fiscal change for the future. Getting your finances in order may be hard, but with the proper guidance you will attain your goals. Ask for help.


Known as the “belle of the party,” you’re realizing that your fun loving ways are sending your bank account to an all time low. It’s time to take action and get your finances in order.
Get your ducks in a row and commit to a budget for more efficient spending—even if goes against your free spending nature, so to ensure non-stop prosperity all year round.



All work and no play can make anyone long for time away from the office—especially you! Use this Full Moon to decompress and destress from all of your ongoing professional pressures.
Take a break from promoting your brand on social media and conference calls. The world can wait a day for you to catch your breath, and take care of your hard-working self.



For the past few weeks, you’ve been secretly levelling up and taking classes to up your game at work. By adding extra knowledge to your skill set, you’re now able to pursue different professional ventures which will allow you to financially prosper. Your educational achievements will help you achieve your dreams. After all, knowledge is power—and you certainly have a rich and ingenious mind.


It’s time to get your head out of the clouds and ask for a raise at work. Rather than spending your time daydreaming about fame and fortune — make it happen IRL. Send your boss an email explaining why you deserve a boost in pay. You may well receive more money from your employer, as they come to realise your professional efforts are worth all the stars in the sky.