Leo New Moon July 2022

The Leo New Moon occurs on July 28. This lunation aspects Jupiter, making it an extremely potent time to manifest our dreams. Luck is on our side due to Jupiter's presence, which means that we can bring our innermost visions to light at this time. As long as we believe in the dream, it will happen.

By Lisa Stardust


Love is in the air. However, you’re not willing to compromise. This will make committing hard, as you’re unwilling to find a middle ground about romantic expectations. Understanding their needs will become more and more important. Try to seek an agreement to make this relationship work.


Home is where your heart is at the moment. It’s also the only place where you can seek refuge from all the drama happening around you. Turn your phone off and disconnect today. Spend your energy focusing on chilling and relaxing at home without having to take on people’s problems.


Before you hit a brick wall and suffer from exhaustion, it’s essential that you take a much needed energy break and rest from all of your mundane activities. Yes, your errands and chores need to be done. But, they don’t have to be taken care of today. Take a break!


Your wallet is feeling fuller, making you want to spend all of that hard earned money on treats for yourself and others. Don’t spend all of your cash so fast. Save some pennies for a rainy day. Remember, it’s important to have a safety net for the future.


You’re feeling like you aren’t getting enough attention from your squad. Try not to have a total meltdown if it takes your BFF a minute to respond to your text. Try not to be too extra. Give some loving to those who care about you in return for their affections.


Taking the high road is hard at times, especially when there is so much that you want to say on the matter at hand. Before you open your mouth and comment on a situation, ask yourself if participating will help the matter or if you are adding to the problem.


It’s time for you to implement boundaries with friends and acquaintances. This may be hard, considering that you give your all to your crew (and vice versa). But, the time has come for you to have limits with them. Doing so will boost your confidence and make you feel better.


Work matters are coming to a head, forcing you to re-evaluate your plans. Before moving forward with professional projects, assess whether the endeavour or contract is worth all the effort. If not, then you can totally change the direction and course that you want to pursue.


You are yearning for excitement and adventure (even though it’s not the best time for it). Get in your car and go for a drive. As long as you get out of town for a few hours, your globetrotting yearnings will be satisfied. At least for the moment.


Your ego can create issues with others at times. Instead of always wanting to be the best at everything and the top of the corporate ladder, try to work cooperatively with a team of people. Or, at least give them some credit for helping you on your path to success.


Before you engage with drama at work, take a moment to decide if it’s worth all of the intensity. The truth of the matter is that you have better things to do. You may want to sit this one out and place your efforts elsewhere. Spend your time more productively.


It’s been a minute since you’ve given yourself some TLC. And, you are in need of it. Chase the winter blues and all of your seasonal stresses away with a relaxing bath. Refresh your vibe and indulge yourself with a hot bath to melt away your worries during this luminary.