Capricorn New Moon 2021

By Lisa Stardust

The Capricorn New Moon occurs on January 2. Being that this is the first major luminary of the year, it’s an amazing time to set intentions for the year. Release, rebuild, and rejuvenate during this New Moon.


You are a baller, but you aren’t feeling like the fabulous person you are. There are a lot of changes at work, which are making you uncertain of the direction your career will take this year. Don’t stress now. Let things move and flow forward. You’ll get your footing back.


While you aren’t able to pack your bags and travel, you can plan and plot your adventure from the comforts of your own home. Instead of luxuriating on a beach, you can chill in your living room with a daiquiri in one hand and a romance novel in the other.


This is your time to take charge, Gemini! Most of the time you are wishy-washy and go with the flow. But, not now. For the first time in a long time, you’re asserting your views and not letting people walk all over you. Be fierce and daring! You got this!


Before you act out in relationships, it’s important that you understand the reason you’re having intense feelings. You’re giving too much energy to those who aren’t reciprocating. Don’t get mad, just stop giving them 100%. They will feel the shift and make good.


Although you don’t necessarily want to make good with colleagues who you’ve had issues with, it’s time for you to let go of sour sentiments. Moving forward with your co-workers is important. It’s time for you to let bygones be bygones.


It’s unlike you to feel needy and desire the approval of others. But here you are. Instead of reacting in a dramatic way when you’re not being given attention, occupy your mind with another activity. In situations like this, it’s best to not give your power away.


All that has made you feel safe and secure in the past does not anymore. Your foundation is shifting, which is allowing you to see the cracks in it. Now that you see and understand what needs to be changed, you have to do the work.


Prepare yourself for growth. You may surprise yourself with your reaction to news that may have made you jealous and upset before. Instead of feeling down, you’ll actually be happy to see others doing well. You’ve done a whole 180 this year and now it shows.


Your lavish ways are catching up with you, Sag. However, you can flip the situation to your advantage by choosing to not overspend. Instead of take out, buy groceries. Rather than renting a pay-per-view, watch a Netflix movie. Little hacks like these will help save money.


This is your time to shine. The caveat is that you are scared of stepping up and expressing your sentiments. Don’t live in fear! The moment you squash your doubts and phobias, you will be able to attain complete and utter global domination. Lean into your power!


You are embracing a new philosophy. Instead of dealing with the same matters and reacting the same way, you are choosing a different approach. Explore new ways to control your frustrations and choose what to actually deal with. The other stuff will fall at the waste side.


Don’t sit around and let life just happen — especially when it comes to your career. It’s time you stopped floating and took action. Use your network to your advantage. Connect with people who work in the same field as you. It could lead to a promising opportunity.